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About Relationships Forum Australia

Relationships Forum Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote the importance of relationships as a fundamental ingredient of individual and community wellbeing. The Forum's activities are governed by an honorary Board, whose participants have had a ten-year link with the Cambridge, UK-based Relationships Foundation.  

Relationship Forum's current work is directed mainly at researching, from a relational perspective, critical issues in the areas of politics, economics, business and society and to promote its key findings in these spheres. It also aims to provide education and training to advance the understanding and implementation of relational principles in public and private life in Australia and beyond.

Relationships Forum Australia is incorporated in New South Wales under the Associations Act 1984 (Incorporation No. INC9885252).

Members of the Forum's Board are John Collins (Chairman), Bill Hurditch, and Stephen Toomey.

Paul Shepanski is the Forum's Executive Director.

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